product liability lawyerPeople who purchase a simple item like a toy or household appliance rarely imagine that a design defect, production flaw, or willful misrepresentation could result in a serious injury or even death. Our product liability lawyers are experienced in this area and can identify responsible parties throughout the distribution chain of the purchased item, from manufacturers to distributors to retailers, ensuring the maximum number of recovery sources to compensate you and your family. As well as help prevent the same thing from happening to others.

What does it take?

Mounting a successful product liability case requires substantial resources, both legal and financial. Few private individuals could afford this expenses, which is why many actions never go to court and injured individuals are not compensated. Our firm has over 100 years of collective experience in negotiating and litigating these cases, as well as the financial strength to pursue these claims in an effective and aggressive manner. Once we take a case, there is no fee on the client’s part until a positive judgment is won.

Some examples of Product Liability claims include:

  • pharmaceutical drugs (such as Fosamax causing osteonecrosis or “dead jaw”),
  • medical devices,
  • defective toys,
  • defective baby strollers,
  • defective appliances,
  • defective power tools,
  • defective siding or blinds,
  • auto recalls,
  • consumer product recalls.


If a product or device has functioned or failed in such a way as to injure you or a loved one, it’s important to speak with a product liability lawyer to discuss where the fault lies, and who will pay for your injuries. The corporations and insurance companies will want you to believe it’s your fault, or offer a small token settlement.

How can Ingerman & Horwitz help?

Always consult a lawyer before making any decisions or signing legal documents that may restrict your ability to collect damages in the future. Our attorneys offer compassionate legal counsel during a difficult time. If we take your case, we will give you prompt, personalized attention, and will develop a legal strategy that will preserve your rights and provide for the future of your family. Call us today 1-800-776-4LAW (4529) for a free, confidential assessment of your case.