The majority of us buy products all the time without giving a second thought as to whether or not they will perform like we assume they will, especially if they come from a brand we trust. Unfortunately, sometimes these products don’t work as expected, but also do something completely unexpected by causing us harm, including even serious injuries. When this happens, the next step needs to be a product liability lawsuit. Here are some common examples of products malfunctioning.

Harmful Chemicals

Countless chemicals are used these days to create everything from plates to vacuum cleaners to your children’s toys. Fortunately, most of these have been rigorously tested to ensure they’re safe. Sometimes, however, we find out too late that dangerous chemicals were used to create a product. Other times, harmful chemicals may have been used but were never meant to come in contact with people using the products. In any case, these chemicals can result in problems that range from severe burns to cancer.

Defective Products for Children

In many ways, designing products for children can’t be easy. Depending on their age, many children are going to use the products for something different, thus increasing the chance that they get hurt through no fault of the manufacturer. That being said, manufacturers are expected to take this into consideration. Choking hazards are especially common with children’s products. Other examples include car seats, bedding and even food that could end up hurting kids.

Unsafe Agricultural and Industrial Equipment

Obviously, agricultural and industrial equipment is not something you want to misuse. It can be big and heavy and it’s almost always dangerous, even when you follow the directions perfectly. Therefore, when this type of machinery is defective, people can easily get seriously hurt or even killed. Even something like improper labeling can sometimes be enough to cause injury.

The list of common equipment types with defect is truly scary. It includes conveyor belt defects, malfunctioning cranes that can collapse and sweep augers that backfire or otherwise breakdown in a dangerous way.

Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals

Another category of products that frequently end up with product liability lawsuits is medical devices and pharmaceuticals. It can be troubling to consider that something we all depend on to improve our health can actually threaten it.

One of the biggest problems with pharmaceuticals is that they often have side effects that go undisclosed. Obviously, that can be problematic for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that someone can blame the effects on something else and get misdiagnosed.

Some drug companies have actually marketed their medicine for unapproved uses, even though this can put consumers at serious risk. When people get hurt because of this, the manufacturers, pharmacist and physician can all bear some of the blame.

Like bad pharmaceuticals, medical devices that malfunction are often the result of inadequate testing. Many manufacturers offer them to the market without being sure that their benefits outweigh the risks involved.

If you think you may have been harmed because of a product you were using as directed, contact us today. We’ll give you a free consultation, so you can know whether a lawsuit is appropriate or not, before ever spending a dime.  We’re here to help.