When working in the construction industry, there is always a risk of injury. Employers have a duty to provide as safe an environment as possible for their workers, but many fail to do so which leads to construction accidents and injuries.

Construction Accidents

Here are the four main causes of construction site injuries:

Electrical Incidents

We’re so used to seeing wires and outlets that we often take it for granted that electricity is also very dangerous. Construction involving or even near electrical lines is always dangerous.

The most common electrical injury at a construction site is caused by contact with power lines. Other causes of injury are lack of ground-fault protection, path to ground missing (or discontinuous), equipment not being used in the manner prescribed, and improper use of extension cords.

Struck By

Being struck by a vehicle, a falling object, or even a collapsing wall is a common cause of injury on construction sites. OSHA.gov reports that one in four “struck by vehicle” deaths involve a construction worker – more than any other occupation.

Safety programs must take into account the many ways “struck-by” accidents can occur and make the workplace safe.



According to the United States Department of Labor, falls are the leading cause of fatalities in the construction industry. On average, a construction worker dies every single day due to a fall.

Falls can be caused by unprotected sides, wall openings, and floor holes; improper scaffold construction; unguarded protruding rebar; and the misuse of portable ladders.


OSHA requires that workers who are working in trenches or excavations be protected and that the hazards they face be addressed by the construction company which employs them. When a construction company fails to address these hazards, accidents happen, resulting in injury and death.

The fatality rate for excavation workers is 112% higher than the fatality rate for workers in construction in general. No wonder cave-ins are so feared.

Causes of trenching injuries include having no protective system in a trench, failure to inspect the trench and protective systems, unsafe pile placement, and unsafe access to the excavation.

Injured in a construction accident?

If you’ve been injured on a construction site it is vital that you speak with an attorney who has experience dealing with injury law and construction site accidents. Many times construction companies will hurry to cover up their mistakes and it takes an expert to reveal the truth about the accident.

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