At Ingerman & Horwitz, LLP we pride ourselves on working hard so that clients can succeed. We are passionate about each one of our clients and always strive to maximize their case results. After the conclusion of each case, we ask our clients for their feedback. Below is just a sampling of  some of the things that our clients are saying about  our firm!

“Kimberly was great! She kept me informed and returned my calls promptly.”-  T. Jones

“Miss Michal T. is always very respectful whenever I call.” – S. Cosby

“Nina is awesome! Thank you!” – L. Conyers

“Everything was great!” – P. Hockaday

“Good service every time I called” – N. Gardner

“The paralegal did everything to make sure I was satisfied. Thank you!”– L. Paige

“Thank you and God Bless you for all the information and all the work you have done and continue to do for me!” – Rev. C. and Family

“You guys have always performed in a professional manner at all times.”– K.R.

My paralegal was very nice and courteous” – Wendy F.

“Definitely will be using the company again and will be referring my family and friends” – Tracy M.

“Ms. Nina did a great job, and I thank you all for your help.”– Kia W.

“Keep up the good work!”- Sam D.

“Service was excellent each visit!”- Robert S.

“I am very, very pleased with my case. Thank you so very much!”- Rhonda L.

“No complaints at all. I was treated very good. Thank you!”- Larry L.

“Paralegal was very good about getting back to me. Very happy with the way they treated me!” -Mary D.

“I had the best paralegal. She kept me informed. I am quite impressed and satisfied with your service.” – Ramon R.

“Your service was great I would recommend your firm to a friend or anyone in need of legal services.” – S. Streat

“I have already referred a friend!” – G Williams

“I am always impressed by this office. Outstanding work! THANK YOU!” – M. Burroughs

“I really appreciate the service they provide for me” – M. Richburg

“Everyone is ALWAYS terrific!” – K. Thompson

“Thank you for your time and patience on this matter, I hope to use your services again.” – Howard W – Auto Accident Case

“Thanks to Mr. Ingerman, Mr. Horwitz and staff for your superb service” – Hazel G. – Auto Accident Client

“The staff was very helpful and caring. Thanks again for everything.” – Cindy M. – Auto Accident Client

“Service was excellent. Thanks to Mr. Ingerman & Mr. Horwitz and [their] friendly staff.” – Hazel G. – Workers Compensation Client

“I could not have asked for a better attorney. I would return if [I] ever needed again.” – Scott B. – Workers Compensation Client

“Your organization has been very helpful & courteous. I sincerely thank everyone involved!” – Hammett H. – Auto Accident Client

“Straight forward, honest, patient, understanding & trustworthy. Today, seems to be a rare thing.” – Charles T. – Workers Compensation Client