Traffic accidents happen all the time. In fact, at any given moment, someone is probably involved in a wreck somewhere in the United States. When these accidents happen, if someone was at fault, then there could be personal injury costs involved. Things become even more complicated, when the person responsible for the collision thinks it is a good idea to flee. This happened just recently in Harford County on I-95.

The Accident

A 25-year old man from Middle River was driving under the influence when he caused a personal injury accident and then fled the scene. Because of his decision to do this, he is now facing 15 different citations.

According to reports, the man struck a Buick car that was carrying two people, including a pregnant woman. The accident occurred very close to roadwork on Southbound I-95, and for that reason, a state patrol agent was able to respond very quickly. However, the man in the truck had already fled the scene. He did not make it far, though, due to backed up traffic from the road work. Because his truck had sustained extensive damage, he was easy to spot and was quickly apprehended and arrested.

The Victims

The two victims, who were in the vehicle that was struck, were transported to the Johns Hopkins Bayview Hospital, where they were treated for non-life threatening injuries. While they may have survived the accident with only minor injuries, they will most definitely have a personal injury case against the driver of the truck. That’s why they should seek the representation of an attorney as soon as possible.

As mentioned, the driver of the truck is facing 15 different citations for his choice to drink and drive, drive recklessly, and leave the scene of the accident. He will likely end up with hefty fines as well as possible time in jail. However, this is not where his woes will end. The victims of the car that he struck will also have a personal injury case against the driver. They will need to seek the help of a personal injury attorney in the Baltimore area and then file a lawsuit against the driver to cover medical bills, damage to their vehicle, and pain and suffering.

Traffic accidents take place on a regular basis and, often, they involve personal injury cases when one of the drivers is considered definitely at fault. Personal injury will go beyond the expenses that can be charged to insurance companies without a lawsuit. However, these cases can be difficult to navigate. That’s why a personal injury attorney is a must. If you have been involved in a traffic accident that was not your fault and you have been injured, then as soon as you have sought medical treatment, you will need to find an attorney to represent you. That way, you will receive the compensation that you deserve. Hopefully, the two victims in the hit and run accident described above have hired Baltimore personal injury attorneys to represent them in their cases too.