For the past few years, Maryland has systematically tightened the rules on cell phone use by drivers.  Like drunk driving and failure to use seatbelts, it is getting attention on a national level.

Most Maryland drivers can only make calls using a hands-free device (like a Bluetooth).  Additionally, writing or reading text messages or e-mails are strictly prohibited (even while at stoplights).  There are different rules for drivers of commercial interstate trucks.  Drivers under 18 are not allowed to use cell phones for any purpose while in the driver’s seat.

Dangers of Cell Phone Use:  Maryland

In the period between October 2009 and September 2011, Maryland police issued 587 warnings and 379 citations for texting while driving.  In that same time period there were a staggering 4,021 warnings and 5,227 citations for illegally talking on a cell phone. Violations were initially secondary offenses, meaning that drivers could only be issued citations if they were violating another rule of the road at the same time.  As of October 2011, however, Maryland made texting a primary offense, meaning that police can issue citations for that offense alone.  First offenses are punishable by fines of $70, and second offenses are punishable by fines of $110.

Pledge Not to Text & Drive

Our personal injury lawyers have witnessed the injuries that are associated with illegal cell phone use.  All drivers should follow the laws and avoid distraction.

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