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Since being approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2002, the prescription contraception NuvaRing has been used by women to prevent pregnancy. This contraception, like other prescription medications, may cause various side effects, some of which are harmful or even fatal. This article discusses the potential dangers of using NuvaRing and what legal options you have if you become injured while using it.

What is NuvaRing?

NuvaRing is a small plastic ring that works by continuously delivering small doses of the female hormones progestin and estrogen into the body; the flexible ring is inserted into the vagina and will remain there for three weeks, at which time it is removed to allow menstruation to begin. Many companies have been involved in the making and distribution of NuvaRing from the start, with these pharmaceutical companies being the major players:

Merck & Co.


Organon BioSciences

NuvaRing Risks and Potential Side Effects

Nearly all prescription drugs on the market will come with the risk of potential side effects, ranging from less serious to potentially fatal. Women who are heavy smokers are at the greatest risk for injury, so they are typically advised not to use NuvaRing or to limit their daily cigarette use. Women over the age of 35 and smoke are especially prone to serious side effects. The FDA has ordered that all NuvaRing packaging must include a warning statement regarding the risks of smoking and using NuvaRing. Women with diabetes are also discouraged to use NuvaRing.

Other risks associated with NuvaRing use, include:

Blood clots in the legs (very dangerous if the clots move up to the lungs)
Blood clotting in the eye
Breast cancer
Heart attack
High blood pressure
Gallbladder disease

Less serious and more common side effects include:

Headaches, mood changes, acne, nausea, weight gain, and vaginal infections.

Be sure to talk to your doctor to discuss your personal medical history and whether NuvaRing is right for you. If you are currently using NuvaRing and are experiencing any serious side effects, contact your doctor immediately. The FDA also encourages users of NuvaRing to report their side effects to their website or to call them at 1-800-FDA-1088.

NuvaRing and Lawsuits

There have been many lawsuits against the manufacturers of NuvaRing in recent years, either made by the women who use the contraceptive or by their family. In nearly all of these cases, it is claimed that the manufacturers or marketers did not adequately warn users of the risks associated with using NuvaRing. Since 2008, there have been two lawsuits involving the deaths of women who had used NuvaRing.

Lawsuits against NuvaRing are considered “product liability” cases because the product, NuvaRing, caused harm to its users because of manufacturer negligence.

Seek Legal Help

If you have been injured while using NuvaRing, contact a personal injury attorney for assistance. A personal injury attorney will help you build your case, as cases involving prescription medications are complex. Seeking a lawyer who is experienced in products liability litigation may be helpful, as they are experienced in that specific legal area.