Typically, workers’ compensation claims require the occurrence of some type of “accident” while on the job. However, some working conditions cause ailments or illnesses that progress slowly over time. These ailments, if diagnosed as a disease and attributed to the working conditions to which an eligible employee was exposed, make up a type of workers’ compensation claim called “occupational disease.”

Occupational disease can include:

 Asbestosis;

 Certain types of back injuries;

 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome;

 Eye, Lung, or Skin Diseases caused by exposure to certain chemical solvents;

 Certain types of Leukemia;

 Tendinitis; and

Vibration Syndrome, among others.

Employees who are required to work under the same conditions for long periods of time or over many years may suffer occupational disease. The type of workers’ compensation benefits an eligible employee with an occupational disease will receive usually depends on the severity of the disease. Temporary partial disability or temporary total disability (lost wages) benefits may be awarded. In some cases, the disease may be severe enough to warrant permanent partial or total disability benefits.

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Occupational Disease and Workers’ Compensation Claims in Maryland