assumption of the risk

Personal Injuries for Fly Balls

Especially in the post-Ravens Super Bowl win, Marylanders are fanatic about their sports.  From time to time we field questions about baseball spectator injuries, which are frequently reported in the media and the case law.  In most [...]

Personal Injuries for Fly Balls2014-08-13T19:43:05-04:00

Maryland Automobile Accident Lawsuits: Last Clear Chance

  We’re going to finish out the trio of complex Maryland legal principles, starting with contributory negligence and assumption of the risk, and ending today in last clear chance.  First, a quick recap: Contributory negligence:  a plaintiff [...]

Maryland Automobile Accident Lawsuits: Last Clear Chance2014-08-13T14:02:23-04:00

Assumption of the Risk

  Two of the most confused legal principles (even among lawyers) are assumption of the risk and contributory negligence. Contributory negligence applies when, even though a defendant is negligent, the plaintiff is also negligent and contributes in [...]

Assumption of the Risk2014-08-11T18:42:16-04:00
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