Burn injuries and young children

There are many potential causes of burn injuries in the modern American home. Burn injuries were listed by the CDC, the Center for Disease Control, as the fifth most common cause of preventable deaths in 2005. The [...]

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Do you think you have a radiation burn?

Do you think you have a radiation burn? If you even suspect that you have been exposed to radiation of any type, it is extremely important that you see a doctor. This can even include overexposure to [...]

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Burn injury statistics

Burn injuries are considered a problem in health care. Burn injuries are in the top five as the leading cause of accidental death in the United States. There are over 200 special burn care units in the [...]

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Burn Injuries in the Home: What You Need to Know

Your home is your refuge, your walled fortress away from the dangers of the world outside your door. But sadly, the home can also be a dangerous place, particularly when it comes to burn injuries. According to [...]

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Burn Injury Resources

 A collection of resources and links from our blog. Treatments for 1st degree burns How smoke inhalation can cause injury Burn Injury Statistics

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Burn Injury Information

Burns are some of the most significant injuries we encounter.  The victim of a serious burn injury typically must undergo extensive and painful medical treatment.  Burn injuries often result in scarring and other permanent features.  Typically, the [...]

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