The Process of Filing a Personal Injury Claim

Nobody sets out to get injured, but insult is often added when the other party seems unwilling to help you get the care and compensation that you are justly entitled to. There are numerous types of personal injury cases, but each results in an individual that has had harm done to him or her as the result of negligence caused by another party. Since no two injury cases are exactly alike, you need a qualified Baltimore based lawyer to assist you in getting the resolution that you desperately need and deserve. Here are some basic steps to consider as you begin this process.

Find Out if Insurance Will Cover Your Injury

When you have been injured, and you honestly feel that someone else (or another entity) is legally responsible, then you will want to check about possible insurance options with the other party. This will not only help you get the immediate care that you need, but the other insurance company will possibly cover any financial components associated with your treatment. If the injury occurred on someone else’s property, you might check to see if the owner carries liability coverage.

Determining if the other party has insurance is also important as it affects your ability to collect monetary damages in the event that a jury finds in your favor and issues a judgment. If the defendant has no insurance, you might find it difficult to collect. Insurance companies, however, will need to pay up such a jury award in many cases. In addition, if the person has no insurance, it might give you pause in considering whether or not to go through with the time and expense of a trial against such an individual.

Make the Decision of Whether or Not to Retain a Lawyer

Any legal matter in Baltimore, no matter how simple it might seem on the surface, can quickly turn into something much more complex than the average individual is capable of, or even willing, to pursue. A personal injury lawyer, however, is specially trained and experienced in such matters. He or she can work with the insurance company (if one is involved), deal with the courts, and ultimately represent you if the case goes to a trial.

Attorneys in this area usually work off a fee-contingent agreement, which means that you pay nothing unless you are awarded damages. They will then receive a predetermined fee based upon your agreement set forth at the beginning. If you have a serious case, it certainly warrants giving a lawyer a call to discuss your options.

Decide if You Want to Follow Through With Filing a Lawsuit

Once you have discussed your various options with a lawyer, it will be up to you to ultimately decide whether or not to follow through with a lawsuit. There are many aspects to the decision that you must consider, so it is nothing to enter into lightly. Some trials can be quite lengthy and emotionally exhausting. With a good lawyer on your side, this process is made much more streamlined, so if you truly have a case you might want to go ahead and move forward.