The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that close to 100,000 injuries occur each year because of non-traffic accidents. Understanding the difference between a traffic accident and a non-traffic accident is important because there are times when an insurance company won’t pay for injuries sustained during non-traffic accidents.

In those cases, it can be harder to get the compensation you are entitled to, even when your injury is clearly someone else’s fault. Any time you are inured, it makes sense to consider speaking with a personal injury attorney, but it’s especially important if you are involved in a non-traffic accident.

What is a Non-Traffic Accident?

non-traffic accident Non-traffic car accidents occur when you are injured by a vehicle even though you aren’t directly in traffic, or driving the car. Some examples of non-traffic injuries include those sustained when:

  1. Working on a car, such as receiving a burn from a hot engine or if a jack fails while you are changing a tire and the car falls on you
  2. Crossing a driveway
  3. Moving a disabled car off a roadway
  4. You are in a private parking lot or garage
  5. Your car ends up in a lake and you experience hypothermia
  6. Electrocution results from some cause

There are a number of vehicle-related injuries possible, even though you may not be driving the car. Some of these non-traffic accidents are covered, but others might not be. It’s important to understand your auto insurance policy so that you know where you stand. You should also consult a personal injury attorney for help determining whether or not someone should be held financially accountable for your injury.

Will the Insurance Company Pay For That Injury?

As with all insurance-related issues, whether or not you can expect compensation depends on the coverage and the policy. Many insurers won’t cover you if you are injured while there is no driver. So if you are injured while working on your car, or pushing it somewhere, you might not receive compensation without a fight.

In some cases, though, you are more likely to receive coverage. If you are a pedestrian and a car hits you, the driver’s insurance company should cover your bills, even though it’s a non-traffic accident. This should be taken care of through the liability coverage that all states require their drivers to purchase. However, be aware that the insurer might balk by trying to assign some of the blame to you. A good personal injury attorney can help you get your just due.

Additionally, if you drive a car and something happens that causes you to veer into an inanimate object, you might be able to receive a payout from your insurance company to help you pay the related medical costs. So, even though this is a non-traffic accident, you might still get help if you are driving. Double-check your coverage, though, to make sure.

Contact Your Lawyer

Whenever you experience injury, it’s a good idea to speak with a personal injury attorney. You can get a good idea of what’s fair in terms of compensation and help paying your bills. Not only that, but an insurer is more likely to treat you better if you have a lawyer on your side. When you have experienced representation, the insurance company knows that you mean business.

This is especially true if your injury is caused by someone else. No matter the injury — even if it is a non-traffic injury and the insurer won’t pay — you should enforce your rights. You deserve to get help with costs when someone else’s actions result in your injury.