It’s finally spring! Nice weather in Maryland gives you a great opportunity to get out on the open road and enjoy riding your motorcycle. Besides wearing a proper helmet, there are certainly some guidelines that you follow each and every time that you get on your bike in order to help ensure your safety. Accidents, however, can occur to even the most conscientious of riders. If you have ever been injured on a motorcycle, or you know someone that has, you well understand the physical, emotional, and financial toll that it can take. Consider the various types of injuries below that can result from riding a motorcycle, and then prepare yourself to contact a Maryland-based attorney if you find yourself in need of legal assistance.

• Head Injury – Even with the best helmet that money can buy, head injuries are likely to occur when you fall off your bike for any number of reasons. It is important to remember that not all head injuries are immediately apparent, and medical assistance should immediately be sought any time your head hits the pavement. This includes if you are wearing a helmet and you feel just fine. Doctors can conduct MRIs and CAT scans if necessary to determine if there is any damage. If you find that you have been severely injured, make sure to get the medical assistance that you need, and then consider consulting with an injury lawyer to determine what legal steps you might need to take.

• Leg Injury – Many injuries stemming for a motorcycle accident involve the leg area, and this includes the knees and feet. These are areas of the body that, when severely injured, cause not only a great deal of pain, but can also set you out of work for weeks or even months. Again, such injuries can be serious, so get medical treatment right away. Also, you will need to begin consulting with the insurance companies involved to determine what can be done about covering those bills and to financially compensate you for time off work. If the answers you are receiving are not satisfactory, then you need to seriously consider contacting a lawyer that practices in Maryland. Choose a firm that specializes in motorcycle injury cases in order to ensure that you receive the professional and experienced representation that you deserve.

• Biker’s Arm – Motorcyclists expose their whole body to a potential impact, whereas individuals inside of a car or truck are usually protected to one degree or another. One area that can be particularly troubling is that of the arm. A biker that has been involved in an accident often suffers various types of injuries to the arm that can take months to repair, and even then some mobility is often lost forever. This can include nerve damage. In short, riders who have a severe injury to the arm as the result of a motorcycle accident will need an attorney to help with possible claims related to pain and suffering, particularly if they are not at fault.

If you are ever involved in a motorcycle accident, contact us today.  We’re here to help.