insurance adjuster personal injury attorney

If you have ever experienced an injury from an automobile accident, airplane accident, bicycle accident or pedestrian accident, you have likely dealt with an insurance adjuster.  For the most part they are people like everyone else doing their job.  But they do have some specific training in handling claims in a way that benefits whom? You? Not necessarily, but for sure whatever they do will benefit the company that gives them their pay check.  The insurance adjuster works for the insurance company, not for you.

When you have injuries sustained because of someone else’ negligence, you need to consult with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights and your ability to recover from these injuries and possibly be compensated for these injuries.  Insurance adjusters are trained to keep an injured person from seeking legal counsel, they do not want an injured person to have the representation and protection that a personal injury lawyer can provide.

There is a process in handling personal injury claims, and most of the events in this process require information that is both private and very personal to the injured party.  From first contact after the accident, the insurance adjuster will try and get the following information from the injured person;

Names of all persons involved in the accident, along with contact information

Photographs of all personal property and body parts affected by the accident

Statement under oath about the facts surrounding the accident

Location of the damaged vehicle and any estimates that have been done

Access to any and all medical records and information of treating medical persons

This information is necessary and legally required to be divulged to your insurance adjuster, however, this information needs to be reviewed, understood and controlled by you and your personal injury attorneyThere is an old adage, “The truth is the truth, depending on who is telling it.”  Many injured persons who have tried to handle their injury claim without the expertise of a personal injury attorney and have made statements as innocuous as, “Good morning, how are you? “  “ I am fine and you?”, to which the insurance adjuster.  will mark the file documenting the date and time that the injured person said that they “were fine”.  The truth is something that must be presented in context to completely understand its’ meaning.

Insurance adjusters are looking for any statement, any piece of paper that might be able to be used to discredit and discourage an injured person from proceeding with a claim against the person they represent, the one who caused your pain and suffering.  Insurance adjusters are trained to quickly and quietly close each case with the least amount of payment and expenses to their employer, the insurance company.

Be careful when dealing with an insurance adjuster, be careful what you say and how you say it.  Be careful when answering questions about the accident. Be Careful when you offer any medical records to  the insurance adjuster for review. Be careful with what you say regarding any preexisting conditions.  Be careful when speaking to anyone about the damage to your vehicle, even the people at the garage.  In summary, Be Careful.

Be Smart…. Contact a personal injury attorney and let them guide you through your dealings with the insurance company and their adjuster.  Your personal injury lawyer will be careful with you and for you.