personal injury attorneys, when do you need a lawyer

In certain situations, having legal representation is in your best interest. Some claims involve complex legal rules and theories that are best handled by an experienced and knowledgeable attorney. In situations where insurance companies are involved, having a lawyer on your side may be necessary, especially when insurance companies act aggressively in court to defend themselves or their party. Below is a list of personal injury claims that are best handled by an attorney.

Severe Injuries

The amount of compensation you are entitled to from an injury depends on how severe your injury was. And to determine the severity of your injury, many things need to be considered; including:

Type of injury you sustained

Amount of your medical bills

Time it takes to recover from your injury

Other losses you suffered (wages, etc.)

So when considering how severe your injury is and the compounding effects your injury had on your life, you may be looking at significant compensation. Having a lawyer represent you will be in your best interest, especially because insurance companies will likely be involved and will try to diminish the value of your claim.

Long-term or Permanent Disability

If your injuries resulted in long-term disability or permanent disability, you may be entitled to various forms of compensation. Determining the value of your injuries takes strategic consideration that typically requires an experienced attorney.

Toxic Exposure

In this world of increasing chemical dependence, claims for toxin-related injuries are only going to increase. However, the manufacturers and suppliers of these chemicals have made it extremely difficult for consumers to bring them down in court. In order to win a personal injury case related to toxic exposure, you must be able to prove that a specific toxin was the direct result of your injury; and to do this, you need scientific evidence. Most chemical companies have made it extremely difficult to access documentation related to the chemicals they produce, making it nearly impossible for consumers to bring a lawsuit against them. However, experienced attorneys know legal methods of obtaining information that will help their clients’ cases. Be sure to contact expert legal help regarding toxic exposure cases.

Medical Malpractice

Cases involving health care are typically very complex and require significant evidence. A personal injury attorney will be able to cite specific legal theories involving your case, if you experienced medical negligence. Negligence comes in many forms and is best defined by a knowledgeable attorney.

Insurance Company Issues

Because insurance companies sometimes refuse to offer fair settlements, it is important to have a lawyer on your side to stand up for you in court. Regardless of how minor or substantial your injury is, you are entitled to compensation; and only an experienced attorney can fight for your interests.

Seek Legal Help

In most situations, a personal injury attorney will be better equipped to stand up for your legal rights in court. Legal theories become more complex all the time, making lawsuits only more complicated. Attorneys are required to stay up-to-date on the latest legal changes and will know how to develop your case based on complex laws. The attorneys at Ingerman & Horwitz know how to construct your personal injury case to get you the compensation that you deserve.