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Following an accident, you should begin taking notes immediately. Taking notes allows you to document everything related to the accident and will benefit you when it comes time to file your personal injury claim. Writing things down will keep important information safe, as memory can only take you so far.

For personal injury claims, here is a list of important things you should be taking notes on:

The Accident

As soon as you are able to, begin taking notes on anything you can remember regarding your accident. Recall any details surrounding your accident, no matter how small you think they may be. Try to remember what you saw before the accident, such as the weather conditions, who you were with, the time, and whether there was a considerable amount of traffic. Anything you felt, heard, or saw during the accident should be taken note of. If you remember feeling jerked in a specific direction, write it down. Be sure to talk to witnesses if you are able to, as they may have been able to see things that you were not able to.  All details will help construct your claim.


Once you have had proper medical care, make notes of each pain that you feel. Any type of discomfort that you feel is most likely related to your accident and should be included in your claim. Here is a list of what you should include in your notes:

All pains and discomforts

Loss of sleep


Anything physical or emotional issues that you did not have prior to the accident

No matter how trivial you may think a discomfort is, such as a headache, do not discount it. A simple headache could be the cause of a more serious medical issue, such as an injured back or neck. Taking notes is also very important for insurance purposes. You will want to describe the kind of pain you are in and how much, as this information will make your case much stronger. Writing about your pain and discomfort will also help your doctor better diagnose you, as the more information you provide to them, the better your care and treatment will be.

Other Losses

Along with medical injuries, you may have suffered economic or other loses. Whether you missed out on work hours, classes, meetings, vacation, or other events, you may be entitled to compensation. Injuries may prevent you from joining activities that you would normally attend, but you will need documentation to prove that you missed out. If you miss a job interview because of hospitalization, document it and get witnesses to support your claims. Even if you missed out on recreational activities, you could still be entitled to compensation.

Be sure to always document conversations that you have with witnesses, doctors, attorneys, or insurance adjusters. Be sure to document names, dates and times, and what was discussed during the conversation.

Getting Legal Help

Following your accident, contact us for legal advice. Personal injury claims can be tricky, because of the legal complexities involving accidents and injury claims. Be sure to take plenty of pictures and to keep your notes updated and consistent.  We’re here to help.