You didn’t think it would ever happen to you and you love the company you work for, but now you are injured! You may be saddened to admit to an injury that came about because of your job. It may have went something like this; during the summer, the loading dock is always wet due to the frozen products unloaded all day everyday. You almost slipped a couple times last summer, but luckily your shoes gripped the wet concrete in the nick of time. But this year was different. You have experienced an injury that arose out of your employment, while you were on the clock. You are dedicated to the firm, you have enjoyed working for all these years. But don’t forget, you paid out of your check for this insurance to cover you in the event of a workplace injury. The taxes come out of your check, as does a sum towards workers’ compensation insurance your company invests in for you. It is already paid for; now unfortunately the day has come, that you may have to see if your eligible for it.

Mild injuries may require very little healing time and you will be able to get back to work quickly. However what if your injury is more severe? You may also be pressured to return to work prematurely. You may also be pressured to return to work or you may be fired. Speaking with our law firm is recommended because we can help answer these questions. We will help protect your rights. Do not allow your employer to pressure or bully you. Many times companies have their best interests in mind, not yours. It is unlawful for your employer to fire you  because of your injury. If your injuries are severe and you cannot work, do not attempt to try to return to work. It is also recommended that your lawyer speak to the insurance companies involved. Many times the accident victim may not be aware of how these insurance companies work. The insurance companies will try and get to say certain things on the phone that will minimize or even totally deny your claim. The insurance companies are not your friend, have them speak to your lawyer. Our law firm offers free case evaluations on workers’ compensation claims. If we represent you we will speak to the insurance companies on your behalf, you can just concentrate on your health and getting better. If your case cannot be solved by mediation we will represent you in a court of law. We do not charge a fee until we win a judgement on your behalf.

Ingerman % Horwitz, L.L.P. are Baltimore, Maryland workers’ compensation attorneys with over 100 years of collective experience in recouping benefits that have been denied by an insurance company, employer or the government. Persons who have worked their whole lives shouldn’t be penalized if they are injured or become ill and can’t work. Loss of Workers’ Compensation benefits can affect the entire family and could result in serious emotional and financial hardships, including the loss of savings, property and other assets. Learn more about your workers’ Compensation rights and options below.

If you’ve been denied benefits, contact Ingerman & Horwitz, L.L.P. for a consultation on your legal rights.