Common Questions

Common Questions2019-01-29T00:46:34-04:00
My employer wants me to go back to work too soon following my accident. Do I have any recourse?2019-01-29T00:39:35-04:00

Our attorneys have experience evaluating your entire case from your accident reports, doctors’ treatment and prognosis reports, and other professional assessments. You may have sustained a permanent injury, or a slow-healing injury that makes it impossible or very difficult for you to return to work quickly. You may need additional or even permanent medical care, and/or job retraining to re-enter the workforce. Schedule a free and confidential consultation with us, so that we can provide you with an objective assessment of your rights and the choices that would be best in your specific situation.

I was receiving benefits but now they have been terminated. Is there anything I can do?2019-01-29T00:39:43-04:00

It is best for an experienced Workers’ Compensation attorney to take a look at your case to see if there is a possibility that you can have your benefits reinstated. Because the rules of Workers’ Compensation are very specialized, an experienced attorney who has dealt with hundreds of similar claims has the knowledge to guide you toward the resolution that is best for your particular situation, and to make sure you receive every benefit that you deserve. If a hearing or re-hearing is scheduled to evaluate your case, we will represent you at the hearing.

The Workers’ Compensation claim that I filed on my own has been denied. What can I do now?2019-01-29T00:39:49-04:00

You can call us for a free, confidential assessment of your case. If we feel your claim has merit and we accept your case, we will file an appeal. Our appeal has an advantage over your original filing, in that we have years of experience dealing with the very complicated Workers’ Compensation benefit process and we will work to obtain the best benefit package for you and for your family’s needs. Because an appeal needs to be filed within 30 days of the mailing of the denial order to you, it is important that you speak with us as soon as you receive your denial order from the Workers’ Compensation Commission.

If the accident was my fault can I still recover my medical bills?2019-01-29T00:39:58-04:00

In Maryland, your no-fault insurance policy (Personal Injury Protection, “PIP”) may pay for your losses. Most Maryland policies carry a standard $2500.00 in no-fault benefits. State law requires a written waiver to exclude said benefits.

If I want to recover my damages, who can I sue?2019-01-29T00:40:04-04:00

An accident victim might be able to sue parties besides the at-fault driver in a few instances. Sometimes the driver of the car is not the owner. In this case, you could sue the owner. Or, if a fault in the roadway or a defect in the vehicle caused the accident, you could recover from the construction company responsible for working on the road or the automobile manufacturer who manufactured the car with the defect.

How much is my case worth?2019-01-29T00:40:09-04:00

How much your case is worth will depend on several factors. The type of injury, how permanent the injury is, medical expenses, as well as income lost and cost of daily living due to the injury are all factors that need to be scrutinized in determining how much your case is worth.

Will I be required to go to court?2019-01-29T00:40:15-04:00

Filing a lawsuit does not necessarily mean having to appear in court. In fact, most lawsuits are settled without an actual trial, which saves money and time and may in fact result in a greater net recovery. If the parties can’t resolve the issue, then court is an option.

Where will my compensation come from?2019-01-29T00:40:20-04:00

The at-fault party’s insurance typically pays for your damages. In addition, your PIP insurance may pay for some of your damages.

Will it be a long time before I receive my money?2019-01-29T00:40:25-04:00

A major factor that determines how long it will be before you receive your money is whether your case is settled or goes to trial. It will usually take longer to receive money if your case goes to trial. Cases where it takes a long time before you receive your money, could work in your favor. For example, if you received a serious injury, you shouldn’t settle your claim until sufficient medical care has been received.

If I can’t afford an attorney, do I have any options?2019-01-29T00:40:30-04:00

Yes, our law firm works on a contingency fee basis. Note that other expenses in personal injury matter. We front all costs and expenses for our clients. We only collect a fee if we are successful in obtaining our clients a settlement or judgment.

Do I need to see a doctor if I have been involved in an accident?2019-01-29T00:40:36-04:00

Yes, you should seek medical attention if you have been injured. Getting examined by a medical professional will document any injury that will help support your claim, but still keep in mind that injuries will sometimes take time to show.

How soon do I need to bring my claim?2019-01-29T00:40:42-04:00

Maryland law requires that PIP (Personal Injury Protection) claims are filed within one year of the accident. All personal injury claims must be filed in court (if necessary) within three years of the accident.

Should I accept a check from the at-fault driver or the driver’s insurance company?2019-01-29T00:40:47-04:00

No, accepting a check from one of these parties can be considered a settlement that may prohibit you from obtaining any additional amounts from the other driver or insurance company in the future. Don’t sign a release or accept a payment from the at-fault driver or their insurance company until after you have spoken with an attorney. Be sure to consult an attorney who is experienced with motor vehicle accident cases before signing a release, accepting a payment, or settling your claim.

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