How Lawyers Evaluate Medical Malpractice Cases

Before contacting a lawyer about a possible medical malpractice case, it is important to understand how these types of cases are evaluated by attorneys. Some cases are more intricate than others, however the following series of events are typical when trying to construct a claim. Before you approach legal counsel, read these tips below. 1. Meet for initial consultation – This first meeting will give your attorney a very good idea of what your claim is about and whether it has a good chance of making it through court. Medical malpractice cases are very intricate and involve understanding all the facts [...]

How Long Do Personal Injury Cases Take?

It’s not uncommon for court cases to take a long time. With objections and appeals, settlement offers and negotiations, we’ve all heard of the horror stories of cases lasting for years. But why does it happen? And will your personal injury case take a long time? Who Wants to Slow it Down? The first question to ask is this: Who wants the personal injury case to slow down? Is it the injured person? Of course not. If you’ve been injured in an accident you have every desire to have your case finished as soon as possible, so that you can get [...]

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Should You Settle Your Personal Injury Case?

In all likelihood, you’ll be faced with the decision of whether or not to settle your personal injury claim once it’s made. By and large, defendants have an interest in settling out of court, as this allows them to avoid publicly admitting liability in your case. However, the terms of that settlement might not meet your expectations, or you may feel morally invested in your case. Make no mistake; deciding to settle can be difficult, but it is often the right decision. In order to guide your decision-making process, we encourage you to consider the following: Going to Trial Will Cost [...]

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Do I Have a Personal Injury Case?

In your first meeting with a personal injury attorney the focus of the meeting is usually on whether or not you have a personal injury case. The discussion will cover two main topics: how were you injured, and was there negligence which caused that injury. Most likely the attorney you speak with will also check for weaknesses in your case, seeing if there are ways the insurance company will try to get out of paying what's fair. How were you injured? It may seem counter-intuitive, but finding out how you were injured is a huge part of figuring out if you [...]

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Passenger Accident Claims – What to do After a Car Accident

None of us ever want to get into a car accident, but most people are fairly confident they know what to do in such an event. First, you ensure your own health and safety, then that of your passengers and then other parties involved. Next, call the police, even if it’s not an emergency, so you have an objective witness. Exchange insurance information when possible (it may not be if it’s an emergency). Finally, be sure to call a law firm for representation if you’ll be moving forward with a personal injury claim. Many people would be less sure what to [...]

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Mediation and Settlements in Personal Injury Cases

Many professions use specialized shorthand and jargon to convey complex internal concepts. In some instances, these words are the same as common phrases and sayings but with new meaning attached. First, let's discuss the term "mediation". Mediation in the workplace is about arriving at a solution that is favorable and letting multiple parties speak their mind. In the legal world, mediation tends to be a loaded word, one fraught with tension and tinged with the undercurrent of an espionage novel. A pre-trial mediation on the outside, looks like it is about establishing useful information to arrive at a swift and beneficial [...]

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Factors Behind Rising Workers’ Compensation Claim Payouts

Sometimes the silver lining found in the midst of a problem is a boon. Other times, it’s lightning waiting to strike.  The payouts in workers' compensation claims are on the rise with more and more reaching the ‘mega’ status of $3 million plus. While this represents a good turn in term of workers' rights, it also provokes a reaction in the insurance industry.  Higher premiums and longer legal battles negatively effect workers and the pursuit of justice. The following elaborates on some of the factors resulting in these higher payouts and what they mean to you.  Aging Workforce On the workers' [...]

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How Medical Device Defects Can Lead to Malpractice

Medical science, coupled with space age materials, has been making replacements for ever more delicate parts of the body. When these medical devices are well manufactured and installed properly, they add years of life and a range of mobility or function to a person. However, when a medical device fails from a defect or a surgery gone awry, they become cruel torturous sources of pain and injury. It takes no small amount of effort to determine if the problems with a medical device come from a defect or installation. That’s why it’s important to reach out to skilled medical malpractice attorneys [...]

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What Are the Different Damage Types in Personal Injury Cases?

While it’s true that a personal injury case hinges on establishing liability, it isn’t the only deciding factor in valuing your case. It is also important to know to what extent each party played a part in the accident. Damages reflect a burden placed on a liable party. These damages are meant to both make the grieved party whole (compensatory) and to make a party think twice about allowing the situation again (punitive). Courts govern these two types of damages differently in both the limits they reach and how they are split. Appeals target one or the other with punitive damages [...]

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How Does Age Impact Workers’ Compensation?

Age affects many aspects of the working world. Some of those aspects reflect trends in population growth, others in increased longevity.  Within the world of workers' compensation costs and payouts, age impacts the bottom line of companies and workers in different ways. It isn’t a linear curve; older workers don’t necessarily lead to more injuries or increased costs. In looking at the data, some interesting tradeoffs occur. The following explores what injuries and workers' compensation looks like as employees age.  Age and Risk  First, age has an interesting relationship with the risk of injury to workers.  Older workers (defined as 45+) [...]

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Delays and Complications During a Personal Injury Trial

Effectively fighting in court, much like fighting in other aspects of life, takes a great deal of preparation. The time between filing a suit and waiting for your day in court is fraught with slights and pitfalls. Even a relatively simple personal injury trial can run into complications. Knowing what to expect as the process continues is the best way to temper expectations. In the end, complications don’t make the process harder, only longer. Part of this is the nature of deriving truth claims. Everyone has a side, and it takes time to process conflicting information. A drawback of the adversarial [...]

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The Rising Risk of Birth Injuries During Triage

Resource scarcity has always been a component of medical care. In the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, shortages in supplies, space, and staff have made birth injuries during triage more common. Emergency rooms and instant-care clinics alike have been turning away anyone suspected of carrying SARS-CoV-2. For expecting mothers, unexpected delays, and space issues impact birth injuries. Under triage protocols, patients are sent home if they don’t’ meet specific criteria indicating labor is onset or ongoing. This results in multiple dangers to mother and child.  Triage Risks and Process Short staffing means less persistent monitoring of the health and conditions [...]

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