No Fee Unless We Win. It’s that simple.

You will never be charged up front and we will never receive a fee unless we win your case.  At Ingerman & Horwitz LLP, we pride ourselves on consistently achieving the results our clients expect and deserve. We are regarded as tough litigators who fight aggressively and diligently in court. It’s because of this confidence that we offer this fee policy.

In personal injury cases, make no mistake that insurance companies and corporate giants will turn to the best attorneys possible- and so should you.  If you’ve been injured, you need a law firm that has the experience and resources to advise you throughout the process.  We are that firm.

In order to level the playing field for our clients, we will pursue claims into the trial phase and will conduct thorough investigations and other necessary actions with our own funds. We also understand that personal injury cases pose a great deal of financial strain on victims and their families. Over the years, we have seen the unfortunate and often devastating economic consequences injuries can create. Costly medical bills and procedures – not to mention lost wages or future earnings from the inability to work – frequently intensify worries at a time when victims should be focusing on getting well and recovering. Our fee agreement can alleviate any additional burdens on you and your family while we work vigorously to gain the compensation you deserve.

At Ingerman & Horwitz, LLP, we are motivated to win because we have a genuine desire to help you receive the compensation you deserve. You will never be pressured into unfair settlements and you will never feel as if we are trying to dismiss you in order to move on to the next case.  We understand that not everyone understands how lawsuits work.  We’ll make things simple and talk to you in language that you can understand while giving you the personal attention you need during the complex litigation process.

Our legal team shares a passion for helping victims and will always work collectively to give your case the benefit of our well-rounded, experienced and insightful legal skills. We will always offer all prospective clients free case evaluations, so there is no reason to hesitate.  Contact us today to learn about how we can help you.