Baltimore burn lawyersFew things are as painful or traumatic as a burn. Burn injuries can be caused by fire, heated objects, chemical spills, or stream bursts. They can happen in the home, at work, or in public spaces. Burns often result in complications such as scarring, infection, and even death. Burn injuries are slow to heal and leave behind more than just physical scars with some burn victims experiencing extreme emotional and mental stress long after the original injury. Many burn victims feel shunned or slighted by the injuries they receive and experience a blow to their overall lifestyle.

Baltimore Burn Lawyers

A sympathetic burn lawyer will work with a victim to determine fault and help seek damages and compensation from those at fault as well as insurance companies. An attorney will also work with the victims to find experienced doctors and rehabilitation programs to help you overcome the pain and stigma of your injuries and return to a fully functional lifestyle. Burn lawyers work with investigators to find who is at fault in an accident and pursue your case to trial if necessary. If you find yourself in need of professional, experienced, and sympathetic guidance, call the lawyers at Ingerman and Horwitz now. 800-776-4529

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies rarely understand the full extent of the injuries that come with a burn and are quick to write a check and move on. An experienced burn lawyer will represent you to the insurance company and make them understand the full extent of your financial and emotional burden. Without a powerful burn injury attorney by your side, an insurance company may mire you in their in-house lawyers and cost you a lot of time, and a lot of money.


Finding the right doctors to help treat injuries as serious as those that result from a burn accident can be difficult. Your lawyer  can guide you to the right doctors that have a proven track record in treating the mental and physical scarring a burn injury leaves behind. Our Baltimore burn lawyers will also work with you to find treatment programs and counseling for friends and family members when possible.

Work or Related

If you have been injured in an accident that results in burns you may be forced to miss a large number of work days or even be harmed to the extent that you cannot return to work. Hiring an experienced burn lawyer can help you to seek compensation for lost wages and earning power and even help you return to work on light or restricted duty basis while you recover. With all the trauma that comes with burns, being able to return to work and a regular sense of autonomy can go a long way to helping support your recovery mentally and financially. Every case is unique. Only in frank, open discussions with your doctors, employers, and lawyers can you find a healthy balance between work and recovery.

Contact a Baltimore burn lawyer at Ingerman and Horowitz today for a free consultation of your situation. Nothing helps your recovery like having support during your fight. 800-776-4529