In the decade from 2003 through 2012, 47,025 people died while walking on the streets of America. That’s sixteen times the number of Americans who died in all natural disasters combined. 482 of these deaths occurred in Baltimore pedestrian accidents.

On top of that, an estimated 676,000 were injured. This means somebody on foot was hit by a car about every eight minutes.

We are proud to report that Baltimore County is leading the way in modeling safe street policies around the country.

The site reported in its 2013 “Complete Streets” analysis that Baltimore County ranked #6 nationally for creating the most comprehensive approach to ensuring the safety of pedestrians, drivers, and riders. However, these policies are fighting against decades of dangerous streets. The Baltimore area ranked #10 on the list for cities most deadly to pedestrians, with over 20% of traffic deaths involving a pedestrian. Next door, the Washington area ranked #11.

Pedestrian deaths are preventable through better policy, design, practice, and regulation. Two thirds of pedestrian deaths occur on roads which are eligible for federal funds and built under federal guidance. Greater safety measures should be enacted to protect people on the roads, no matter how they’re traveling.

Pedestrians have strong legal recourse when hurt in an accident on the street, whether it involves a car, or unsafe ground, or any other hazard. If you or someone you love is injured on the streets of Maryland, call Ingerman & Horwitz today to protect your rights.