Recently we have added a new article to our Car Insurance section on our website, entitled ‘From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves’. ‘From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves’ is a book written about Allstate, revealing their efforts to reduce or avoid paying out money to accident victims.

In the mid 90’s Allstate hired McKinsey & Company, the world’s largest consulting firm to help them do what all big companies want to do – make more money. McKinsey & Company discovered that when Allstate paid accident victims, they paid much more when an attorney was representing the victim. This is why our law firm recommends you speak to an attorney if you are a victim of an accident. McKinsey developed a strategy to contact the victim immediately after the accident and become a friend of the victim. A friend that would offer to help and give advice after a traumatic experience. This friendly approach would be a tactic to suggest they settle the claim immediately and without a lawyer. Thereby saving the car insurance company money and leaving the victim with little to no options. Sound friendly? Car insurance companies do not have your best interests in mind and want to avoid playing out money. We work only for you and work to get you maximum results.

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