In some ways, filing workers’ compensation claims is like filing any other insurance claim. You have to fill out forms and show your expenses for medical bills and damages. That seems like something you could handle on your own, right? That’s not necessarily the case. There are quite a few different variables that can come into the picture when it comes to workers’ compensation claims. Because of this, it makes the most sense to hire an attorney.

When You May Not Have a Claim

It can be confusing even determining that you actually have a workers’ compensation claim in the first place. You need to have been doing your job when the accident or injury happened. You also need to have been following procedure. For example, if you knew you should be wearing a hardhat and you chose not to and this resulted in an injury, you are likely going to have trouble filing a claim.

It is best to hire an attorney if there is any concern over whether or not you have a claim in the first place. The right legal representation will guide you through the process.

Problems Could Arise

You have to remember that you will be dealing with an insurance company when you file a workers’ compensation claim. There will be times when they don’t want to pay on a claim or demand more proof that you actually were injured on the job. Variables can make the whole process cloudier and, as a result, you may have to work harder to prove that you do actually have a claim.
For example, if you wait a while before you file the claim, then you may have more trouble proving anything. If you were injured and there was no one else around to work as a witness, then the workers’ compensation insurance may argue that you might not have been on the job. In these cases, you absolutely need a workers’ compensation attorney. Otherwise, you may not get any type of benefits at all.

An experienced attorney will know how to deal with these various problems, navigate the whole maze of workers’ compensation, and make sure you get benefits. On your own, you will be one person up against a whole team of experts with the workers’ compensation insurance company. Your odds simply will not be very good if you are on your own. You need proper legal representation.

Workers’ compensation claims may seem cut and dried in the beginning, but often they are not. Sometimes, people come up against a variety of different issues that make it difficult for you to get compensation. Because of this, it makes the most sense to get the help of an attorney unless the injury is so minor that your claim is very, very small. In those cases, you likely will be fine on your own. Otherwise, you will need legal representation from an experienced attorney who knows how to make sure your rights are looked after.

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