If you’ve been injured while working, you are likely covered under workers’ compensation. Nearly all employers are required to provide this type of insurance for employees to provide benefits for your injury. Maryland’s workers’ compensation laws provide a variety of benefits to address specific types of injuries and outcomes, providing that the accident causing the injury occurred while performing your job duties, while you were on the clock.

Medical Benefits

If you suffered an injury, occupational illness, or compensable hernia, workers’ compensation will cover the costs of medical treatments that you require. These can include:
• Emergency treatments
• Hospital services
• Surgical or diagnostic procedures
• Prescribed medications
• Crutches and other necessary aids
• Prosthetics

You will be compensated for these items and treatments as long as they are deemed reasonable and necessary in order to treat your injury or illness properly.


If you are unable to work due to your injury or illness, you will be compensated for lost wages. Additionally, if you have to miss work due to doctor appointments, employer requested examinations, or travel required to attend hearings for continuances, those wages are covered as well.

Partial Disability Benefits

If you are temporarily disabled due to your injuries, Maryland’s workers’ compensation provides partial wages for employees who are unable to return to their full time duties and earnings. This compensation will be paid at a rate of 50% of the difference between your normal earnings, and your lowered earnings during recovery. However, you will only be eligible for 50% of the current average weekly rate set by the state.

You will be compensated at a rate of 2/3 your normal weekly rate if you are unable to work at all for a temporary length of time, with maximum benefits equaling the average weekly pay.

Permanent Disability

If your injuries leave you with permanent impairment, but you are not completely disabled, you will be eligible for permanent partial disability. This provides benefits of 2/3 of your average weekly rate, which will last for a set amount of time depending on how severe the disability is. If you are totally disabled, meaning you lose the use of both arms, legs, eyes, or hands; or a combination of two body parts, including one arm, hand, leg, foot, or eye, you will receive 2/3 of your average weekly wage, with reductions as necessary for those who are eligible for Social Security to protect those benefits.

Vocational Benefits

If your injury does not allow you to return to the work you were performing, you will also be eligible for up to 24 weeks of vocational rehabilitation.

Funeral and Death Benefits

If an employee dies due to on the job accidents, families may be eligible for death or funeral benefits. These benefits are dependent on a wide range of variables that change for each employee and immediate family members. In this situation, you will need an attorney that can handle workers’ compensation claims in Maryland for assistance to ensure that your claim is handled properly.