For the average person, the laws that govern us can be complicated and difficult to understand. When you’ve been injured in an accident the last thing you need to worry about is seeking justice – you just need to heal. That’s where personal injury lawyers can help. For accident victims, a Baltimore personal injury lawyer can make all the difference. This article seeks to demystify personal injury lawyers so that you understand what they can do to help you if you’ve been injured in an accident.

Common Questions about Personal Injury Law

The first question we’re typically asked is whether there is a fee for consultation with a personal injury lawyer. The answer is usually that no fee will be charged for the initial discussion of your case. Many times, if the attorney agrees to represent you, they take their fees on a contingency, which means they are paid after the case is resolved, most often from the fees you receive upon reaching a settlement or after winning at trial.

When you initially speak with the lawyer, you will discuss what happened to you, and share any documentation you have about the incident. Police reports, photos, or other documentation will be very helpful at this point. You will discuss the medical treatment you’ve received and what your physicians are predicting about your recovery. The more details you provide at this stage, the more prepared the attorney will be.

Think of your first meeting as an interview process. The attorney will be deciding if your case can succeed and you should be deciding if you’re comfortable enough to hire the firm. If the lawyer turns down the case, pay attention – it’s possible that he or she has determined that you may be unlikely to win. Or, if you win, the settlement will be too small to pay the contingency fee.

Types of Costs in a Personal Injury Case

Personal injury lawyers receive a percentage of your settlement or the amount the court awards you. This is very different from other kinds of lawyers who are usually paid by the hour or in a flat fee.

But expenses are different from the fee structure. Some of the types of expenses you will incur during these types of cases include:

– Costs to copy documentation, such as medical or police reports.
– Faxing and legal research fees.
– Court fees which could include filing and deposition costs.
– The costs of private investigators or expert witnesses.

Again, these fees are paid from the judgment, but always read the fine print of your contract with the attorney so you understand how you will be billed and what the costs will include. Some good questions to ask a personal injury lawyer include:

– Have you handled similar cases in the past?
– How much time will you devote to my case?
– When will my lawsuit be filed?

Make certain you are comfortable with the process and approach of the personal injury lawyer you hire. Their skill and expertise will be an invaluable asset during pursuit of your personal injury claim. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call Ingerman & Horwitz – we’re here to help.