In Maryland, all insurance policies are required to carry a minimum amount of uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage (UM/UIM).  UM/UIM is insurance that helps a driver and passengers in the event of an automobile accident with a driver who has low insurance, or with a driver who has no insurance.  It also helps people who live with family members who have UM/UIM coverage.  This is a policy of insurance that helps the insured.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage (UM)

Uninsured motorist coverage is exactly what it sounds like—it provides benefits when there is an automobile accident and the negligent driver has no insurance.  Common examples of a UM situation include hit-and-run accidents, collisions with uninsured drivers, or collisions with drivers who did not have permission to use the vehicle.

Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UIM)

Underinsured motorist coverage (UIM) provides benefits when the negligent driver’s insurance is less than the insured’s policy of UIM insurance.  For example, if the negligent driver has a minimum Maryland liability policy of $30,000, that insurance company will only pay a maximum of $30,000 toward one victim in an accident.  If the victim has a UIM policy of $100,000, then the victim can recover a maximum of $30,000 from the negligent driver’s insurance company, and $70,000 from his own insurance policy.

Proof in a UM/UIM Lawsuit

Just because the UM/UIM insurance is held by an auto accident victim’s insurance company doesn’t mean that they will automatically pay.  In order to get at the UM/UIM policy, the victim must prove that the accident was the other driver’s fault.  If the insurance company doesn’t believe it, a lawsuit may be necessary to force the victim’s insurance company to pay benefits.  These are not negligence cases, but rather breach of contract lawsuits where the victim attempts to force his insurance to live up to the insurance contract.

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