Hit and run accidents, unfortunately, happen all too often. People know they did something wrong. They may have been drunk, high, or sleepy. So, instead of staying at the scene of the accident, they leave, hoping that they will not be caught. Sometimes, they aren’t. That was the case with an accident that took place in February in Hyattsville, Maryland. However, there have been recent developments changing the situation.

The Accident

In February, Rick Warrick, a 38 year old individual, and his fiancée were hit by another driver. They were stopped on the side of the road on BW Parkway, changing a flat tire. The driver of the other vehicle veered over the line and hit the two. Warrick perished and his fiancée, Julia Pearce, was injured and taken to the hospital. At that time, the driver of the vehicle left the scene of the accident.

The Driver

For three months, police had no leads on who the driver had been. This is something that happens all too often if there were no witnesses to the crime. Earl Teeter, a 30 year old man, turned himself in after he had seen the news that he was being sought. He reported that he did not realize that he had hit anyone that night.

He is being charged with hit and run and reckless driving. At this time, the family of the deceased victim are not happy with this, as Teeter is not being charged with wrongful death. Still, Teeter could face a year in prison for his crime. His trial has been scheduled for June 9 and although he has been released under supervision, he is not allowed to drive.

Civil Cases

While it has not yet been mentioned, it would seem that the family of Rick Warrick and Julia Pearce, herself, could have wrongful death and personal injury civil cases against Earl Teeter. It would be advisable for the two parties to get attorneys as soon as possible. Even if Teeter has not been charged or convicted of wrongful death, this doesn’t mean a civil case can’t be filed against him and his insurance company.

However, since the details are still a little unclear, it would be hard to predict what type of civil case that these parties could pursue. They will need to seek the help of legal representation in order to determine the best path to follow.

Hit and run cases happen all too often, and in some situations, the offending driver is never found. However, if they are, or if they turn themselves in, then you could have a case against them if you were the victim. As soon as you have sought medical help for your injuries after such an accident, you will need to consult an attorney. It’s best to choose a lawyer who has experience with personal injury cases specifically. Once the driver has been found, your attorney will know how to proceed so that you can be compensated properly for your injuries and damages.