Unfortunately, medical malpractice can happen to anyone, and it can change your life forever, especially in case of serious diseases. Although the most doctors, health care professionals and hospitals work hard and give their best to treat the patients and help, some studies show that up to 20% could give the wrong diagnosis due to medical negligence.

When you experience health problems, even the ones that are not life-threatening, you are in a vulnerable position. If you were mistreated in this situation, you’re confused, stressed out and you don’t know the steps you should take, what your rights are and more.

Medical malpractice can have serious, long-term consequences on your life! In the US, over 250,000 deaths a year happen due to medical negligence and misdiagnoses.

You should have experienced professionals who are by your side, so that you don’t gamble with your rights and know what you may be entitled to as a fair and just compensation.

Usual cases of medical malpractice

Unfortunately, there are many different cases of medical malpractice that could include hospital errors, birth injuries, medication errors, dental malpractice, surgical errors like cutting organs or nerves, nursing home abuse, nurse or staff malpractice…

The doctors and medical staff in America are some of the best in the world, working hard for the well-being of their patents, but unfortunately medical malpractice can happen to anyone, and it can have a devastating and long-lasting impact on our lives. These examples are just some of the most usual cases of medical malpractice, and remember that they are not only ones.

What can I expect in case of medical negligence and malpractice?

The main question in these cases is if a doctor, nurse, other medical professional or hospital failed to exercise the usual degree of care under given circumstances, and if that led to harm to the patient. If the answer is yes, this is the definition of medical malpractice.

Fair and just settlement is calculated based on the damaged the patient has suffered. It should be equal to combination of past and future economical damage, as wall as past and future non-economical damage.

Get help from lawyers to make sure you don’t sign off your rights

Our lawyers can help you with your health care mistake case. If you have been harmed by a medical mistake, you may be entitled to malpractice claim in order to receive financial compensation for lost income, medical bills and your pain and suffering.

Sometimes, it is hard for ordinary people to know their rights in these types of situations, but we believe that each and every person deserves protection of their rights, especially in sensitive situations like when we or someone we loved has been mistreated in a hospital.

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