The vast majority of personal injury accidents happen due to slips and falls, but a great deal of them are also related to vehicle collisions – that includes other vehicles besides cars and trucks too. A recent accident, which occurred on April 4, isn’t the norm for personal injury cases, but it likely does involve a civil suit if one person can be held responsible for the reckless driving.

The Accident

This accident took place in Harford County, just outside of Aberdeen. Two teenagers were driving ATVs around the 1500 block of Carins Run Road. The two ATV vehicles collided head on, resulting in severe injuries to both drivers. One of the teens was airlifted to Shock Trauma. The other was taken by ambulance to a local hospital. At the time of the report, there was no further information on the condition of the two teens and their identities had not been released.

The Case

There isn’t a great deal of information surrounding this accident at this time. It is nearly impossible to determine if there will be a personal injury case involved. However, the families would likely be smart to seek out personal injury attorneys anyway.

That’s for good reason too. If one of the teens was driving recklessly and this resulted in the accident, then they could be held responsible and the other family would have a personal injury case against him. If the victim were to perish, then this case could be escalated to wrongful death.

The problem is, if there were no witnesses to the actual crash, then it could be hard to determine if one of the teens can be held responsible, and there is the possibility that both teens were driving recklessly. This could make any case even more difficult.

ATV Accidents

ATV accidents happen with a fair amount of regularity because people are not as careful on these vehicles as they would be in a car. This is because it is easier to drive with abandon or drive in dangerous areas. As a result, accidents can occur and the injuries can actually be significant. In any of these cases, if someone is injured and someone else was responsible for that injury, then they can be held responsible, especially through a personal injury civil suit.

If you have been involved in an accident like this, or your loved one has, then it is important to seek the help of a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. The first thing you should do is check on everyone involved, if you can, and then seek medical attention quickly.

The next call after this should be to a personal injury attorney. The quicker you get them involved, the better, because they will be able to do more research and determine the cause as well as the responsible party for the injury. You need legal representation in these cases, and it is best to seek out an attorney who can handle personal injury cases specifically so that your rights will be looked after.