Almost a year ago, Juan C. Bastida-Martinez was involved in a vehicle accident that resulted in the death of Steven Miller, who was on a motorcycle. The accident occurred in the West Manhein Township, and according to police, Bastida-Martinez was traveling south on Baltimore Pike. He was traveling in a Ford Windstar van. At that time, he crossed the center line. When he did so, he collided with Miller, who was on a Victory motorcycle. The van then burst into flames and Bastida-Martinez suffered from minor injuries. Miller, on the other hand, perished.

The Problem

In addition to traveling over the line, Bastida-Martinez committed several other crimes. He did not have a valid driver’s license. He was not a legal citizen of the United States, and he had a previous record for driving without a license. When Bastida-Martinez was interviewed, he indicated that he blinked for a period of three seconds, which indicates that he likely fell asleep at the wheel. This caused him to drift over the line and collide with the motorcycle.

The Sentencing

The trial finally took place starting in March. During this trial, it was determined that Bastida-Martinez was guilty of both personal injury and wrongful death while he was not properly licensed. His sentencing, which concluded on April 23, determined that he would spend 23 months incarcerated for his crime.

The Case

In addition to the crime itself, there is a possibility that the family of the victim could pursue a personal injury case in civil court. It would be impossible at this time and with the information provided to say for sure that this would be the best course of action. However, since Bastida-Martinez was found guilty of his crimes, then a civil case would be even easier to prove. It would only make sense for the family of the deceased victim to seek a wrongful death attorney. While it is not mentioned in the report, it is unlikely that Bastida-Martinez had insurance since he did not have a license. So, the civil suit would be against him specifically. Because the family would not be able to sue the insurance company, this could complicate things and makes an attorney even more important.

Accidents occur fairly regularly, especially in bigger cities like Baltimore. Often, there is someone responsible for the accident and resulting damages or injuries. If you get behind the wheel of a car, you are taking somewhat of a risk that you could be injured.

If you have been involved in a vehicle accident, the first thing you should do is contact the police and check to see if everyone is okay. Then, you should make a call to a personal injury attorney in Baltimore. You need legal representation who will be able to look after your rights and get the compensation that you deserve to cover medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other damages to you or your vehicle. If you have a family member that perished in a vehicle accident, then contact an attorney in that case, as well.