One of the most common types of accidents that people suffer from would be slips and falls. These can happen for a number of different reasons and can result in a variety of different problems like broken bones, bruises, and even head injuries.

These falls are so common because there are a lot of things that can cause them. And, in many situations, they occur because someone was negligent in some way. Let’s take a look at common things that lead to slips and falls. By better understanding them, you can look out for your safety more easily and you will be prepared to deal with a personal injury case if you are hurt due to someone’s negligence.

Ice and Rain

When walking outside, inclement weather can certainly cause slips and fall accidents. Anytime there is hail, rain, or snow, ice can build up and lead to slippery and dangerous conditions. If you slip and fall due to the weather, you may or may not have a personal injury case. It has to be argued that the owner of the property had the opportunity to deal with the weather situation and did not. You will need an experienced attorney to help prove your case.

Torn Carpets or Flooring

Inside an establishment or residence, there can be dangers as well. If flooring is not kept in good repair, then it can present a dangerous situation. There may be spots where the carpet is frayed or sticking up. Linoleum or other types of flooring could be torn or peeling. As a result, it could be easy for someone to trip on anything sticking up.

Slippery Indoor Conditions

If water has been spilled indoors or if rain causes puddles on the inside, it is the property owner’s responsibility to clean up these slippery situations. When they do not, this could put you in danger of slipping on the floors.

Objects Lying Around

Another common cause of slips and falls could be objects or debris lying around on the floor. This is another case for negligence. If business owners do not provide clear pathways for people to walk, then they could be putting those people at risk of falling after tripping over those objects.

Slipping and falling is a common problem. It happens on a regular basis, and when a property owner leaves people dealing with hazardous conditions, they could be held responsible due to their negligence. If you have fallen and are injured in any way, then you may have a personal injury case to pursue. However, negligence will need to be proven, and that means you will need an experienced personal injury attorney working for you in Baltimore.

The right legal representation will understand the laws and will know how to seek the most compensation for your injuries as well as pain and suffering. So, once you have received medical attention for your injuries, make sure you contact an attorney as soon as possible so that your case can be handled quickly.