Third degree burns are the most severe type of burn a person can sustain. The damage caused from a third degree burn can be permanent. Third degree burns may not cause immediate pain because the nerve endings are damaged or completely severed. They can be caused by chemicals, heat or electricity.


Third degree burns involve all three layers of the epidermis or skin. It is possible to actually have the burn reach the bone, muscle and possibly internal organs near the burned area. Although a person will not feel the damage sustained to an area that has received third degree burns, the area around the burn may be extremely painful. Recovery from third degree burns will depend on how large and how severe an area was burned. In some cases, the recovery may be months or years, or in more severe case, permanent. Extensive scarring is a normal result of any third degree burn.


Anybody who has suffered third degree burns through no fault of their own, should contact an attorney. This type of burn is life altering and in many cases compensation is deserved. Medical treatment of this type of burn is very expensive. Hospital stays can be lengthy. A third degree takes at least three weeks to begin healing. If the area is extensive, the hospital stay may be much longer and require specialized expensive care. An attorney can help recover the costs of the medical and future medical treatments that will be needed after sustaining an injury this severe. Attorneys for the at fault party will try and get a victim to settle as soon as possible in order to avoid any future medical costs.


An experienced attorney can help a burn victim get what is rightfully owed to them. Treatment for third degree burns generally will include surgery to repair damage skin. This surgery is often referred to as skin grafting. If any internal organs were damaged, several surgeries or lifelong medical treatment may be required. Reconstructive surgery may also be needed for those who have endured a third degree burn. These procedures can be very expensive and may require several surgeries to complete. Insurance companies often view reconstructive surgery as an elective surgery and may not cover any of the cost.


It is imperative a knowledgeable attorney represents your best interests. Please contact our firm for a free case evaluation if you are a victim of third degree burns.