Always watch out for the other guy. That was some of the best driving advice our parents ever gave us. It’s true that in today’s hustle-bustle society you probably see a lot of bad driving every single day. We know we do.

Roadway traffic is increasing. According to the Maryland Department of Transportation’s Motor Vehicle Administration office, residents drove two billion more miles between 2014 to 2016 due to low gas prices and an improving economy.

More traffic means more hazards to watch out for. MDOT suggests the following driver categories when trying to measure the additional hazards on the highway.

Who Are The Worst Drivers in Maryland?

Here are some of the most dangerous types of drivers in our state:

Aggressive drivers
If you’re one of those law-abiding citizens that actually obey speed limits, it’s likely you’ve run afoul of an aggressive driver at some point. You know the type; weaving in and out, tailgating, honking, speeding, running red lights, and more. The Maryland Department of Transportation Highway Safety Office (MHSO) says aggressive drivers cause each year 41 fatalities and 251 severe injuries.

Distracted drivers
Don’t text and drive. How often do we tell it to our kids, and then pick up our own phones when we’re on the road? The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) says distracted drivers cause 185 traffic-related deaths and over 27,000 injuries. Distractions can include more than texting; it could be children, a bug flying in your window, or even changing the CD in your car.

Geriatric drivers
We all know aging slows us down. In driving, that affects the fine motor skills that allow us to react to traffic on the road. Eyesight may worsen, and cognitive skills may slow. Medications can also affect driving skills in ways you may not even realize. The MVA publishes this terrific guide to help guide family members if they’re concerned about an elderly loved one’s driving skills.

Inexperienced drivers
At the other end of the age spectrum, you’ll find youthful drivers. We all make mistakes when we’re young. Unfortunately, those mistakes can be deadly when they’re made behind the wheel of a car. The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration says young drivers caused 15,801 crashes between 2007 and 2011. Each year, during that same time span, 87 people were killed by drivers’ aged 16-20 years old. The MVA says driving utilizes 1,500 human skills; from observation and perception to anticipation – and they suggest young adults simply haven’t developed all of these skills.

Intoxicated drivers
Whether the impairment is drugs or alcohol, this is a serious problem on Maryland roadways. Accidents occur frequently; sometimes it’s due to medication interactions, sometimes due to drinking. The Center for Disease Control says 1,716 people were killed in crashes involving a drunk driver in Maryland in the years spanning 2003—2012.

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