Every year, millions of Americans undergo a surgical procedure. Some are relatively simple, such as root canal surgeries; others – like brain and spinal cord surgeries – are highly complex. Unfortunately for patients, too many of the surgeries performed each year are performed on the wrong site or on the wrong patient.

According to a Kaiser Health News article (produced in collaboration with The Washington Post), wrong site and wrong patient surgical errors may be on the rise, despite the efforts made over the past seven years to prevent such negligence. In fact, experts say a wrong site or wrong patient surgery occurs at least 40 times per week in hospitals across the nation.

Recent cases reported in the article included: a wrong-site error made during an eye surgery on a four-year-old boy, and three prostrate cancer surgeries performed on patients who were actually cancer free.

Physicians and surgeons are often to blame for the errors, according to the article. “Studies of wrong-site errors have consistently revealed a failure by physicians to participate in a timeout,” wrote Boodman.

Additional causes may include: mixed up test results, incorrectly marked surgical sites, or failure to mark a surgical site at all. Such errors can have severe, life-long repercussions for patients.

Instances of wrong site surgery or wrong patient surgery may qualify as surgical negligence, a type of medical malpractice. If you’ve been the victim of a wrong site surgery, wrong patient surgery, or other surgical error, you may be eligible to receive compensation.

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