The first week after an accident or an on-the-job injury happens is a vital time to prepare to file any workers’ compensation claim. In order to get proper damages, reimbursement and compensation, it’s essential to file the claim in a timely manner to avoid any hiccups in the process. Here’s what you must do right after a job injury or accident.

• Immediately let the employer or business owner know about the injury.
• Do not delay seeking medical help.
• Write down and tell your healthcare provider all the details about the accident or injury.
• Contact a qualified worker’s compensation attorney. It is advisable to not contact the insurance company before having an attorney.
• Ask your employer about the worker’s compensation forms and fill out the forms.
• File the worker’s compensation claim.
• Get a doctor that will follow up with your injury care.

Reporting the incident to your employer in a timely manner is hugely important. Preferably, do not let 24 hours pass before telling your employer or the business owner about the incident. If the incident occurred on a Friday, do not wait until Monday to report it. The employer might assume you got hurt during the weekend outside of the workplace. That might hurt your case. Again, time is of the essence when reporting the accident or injury.

Also as soon as the injury happens, get medical help, and get the necessary medical treatment prescribed by the healthcare provider. If you had to go to the Emergency Room due to the on-the-job injury, be sure to tell the E.R. nurses and doctors that take care of you that you got injured on the job that day.

Benefits of Getting Proper Injury Care Immediately

There are several benefits to getting proper care as soon as possible. First, you will avoid any further health issues and get the care you need. Second, you protect yourself from any arguments that might arise from the insurer’s end that are related to the injury. Other benefits may depend on your personal circumstances.

The medical care that you receive after the injury should be from a specialized doctor in that area. Try to get a referral from your primary care provider to a specialist in order to get the proper ongoing care necessary and a correct diagnosis of the injury.

Workers’ compensation can be very complex. Be sure to hire an attorney to handle your case before contacting the insurance company. Let the attorney be the point of contact between yourself and the insurance company. Insurance companies hire highly qualified insurance adjusters that are there to protect the company, not you. The adjuster might not accept your claim and may find reasons not to compensate you for damages. By having an attorney on your side, you have a higher chance of getting compensated properly and avoiding all the headaches that this dreadful process involves. The attorney will also help you file all the necessary forms and ensure your doctor’s history of the case is accurate and includes all the necessary details.

If you’re ever hurt on the job, contact us right away. We’re here to help.