Driving a tractor trailer truck can be very dangerous. These trucks are quite large and carry thousands of pounds in cargo. This can make them difficult to handle and maneuver while driving.

According to statistics, there are over four hundred and fifty thousand tractor trailer related accidents every year in the United States. Approximately five thousand people died from these crashes per year and another one hundred and twenty thousand people are injured. Here are some ways to be safer while driving a tractor trailer truck.

When driving a tractor trailer it is very important to be as rested as possible. By law, a tractor trailer truck driver cannot drive more than ten hours without resting. If you become tired, then pull over at the nearest restaurant and get some coffee or tea to help you wake up. Driver fatigue is the cause of many accidents so it is important to do things that help you stay awake. Listening to music, communicating with other drivers via radio, and making sure to stay fully hydrated are very beneficial to combating fatigue.

Having a well maintained tractor trailer is very important to stay safe while traveling long distances on the road. Always have your truck looked at if it is making noise or the truck does not seem to be running right. Breaking down in the middle of the road can be very dangerous and cause accidents and traffic buildups to occur.

Watch your load size. It is against the law for tractor trailer drivers to take on too large of a load. Drivers must have their loads weighed at various weigh stations across the United States. If their load is overweight then they will get fined and might not be able to get their load to the intended destination.

By installing large reflectors on your tractor trailer helps to alert passing motorists and pedestrians that you are driving a tractor trailer. Many motorists do not see tractor trailers while they are taking a corner until it is too late. Tractor trailer drivers are much more likely than regular motorists to survive this type of collision. This is because the truck sits up much higher than a typical car or truck. The reflectors allow car headlights to more easily see that a tractor trailer truck is around them.

Many people have been victims of tractor trailer related accidents. If you are a victim and think that the accident was caused by fatigue, negligence, or any other valid legal reason then you should contact our law firm. Please contact our law firm for a free case evaluation.