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Personal Injury Cases in Maryland

Given the broad spectrum they cover, personal injury cases are fairly common here in Maryland. They can come about because someone slipped and fell on someone else’s property, because of a dog biting someone, an auto accident, [...]

Personal Injury Cases in Maryland2018-08-16T10:16:38-04:00

After an Accident Seek Legal Advice

At some point in our lives, most of us will either be in an accident or know someone who has. Not all accidents are the scary kinds that involve rollovers. More often than not, they involve a [...]

After an Accident Seek Legal Advice2015-02-11T13:44:43-04:00

Medical Treatment After A Maryland Automobile Accident

  Many people wonder what kind of medical treatment they need after an automobile collision.  The question arises, I think, because people understand that there is an interplay between an insurance claim (or an auto accident lawsuit) [...]

Medical Treatment After A Maryland Automobile Accident2014-08-12T18:19:17-04:00

Slow Down, Move Over–Or Else

Heads up, Marylanders! We’re surrounded by states that have steer clear laws, with stiff penalties for violation. Ignorance of these laws is no excuse. “What’s a steer clear law?” you may say. Not all states have this law, but in these surrounding [...]

Slow Down, Move Over–Or Else2011-11-23T05:58:48-04:00

Ugh. Interrogatories.

Dear Personal Injury Client: There’s a fat envelope in your mail. The other side has sent us written questions for you to answer. They’re called interrogatories. Please pay attention! How you respond to these questions is extremely important. [...]

Ugh. Interrogatories.2011-11-22T05:56:41-04:00

Raise Your Right Hand …

No, we’re not in court yet. It's your deposition, but it’s every bit as important. We’ve answered the interrogatories. (See Ugh. Interrogatories.) Now they want to ask you questions in person, under oath. That's what a deposition is. How does it [...]

Raise Your Right Hand …2013-08-19T12:17:31-04:00

How to Present Your Case

Do our clients ask their doctors legal questions? Because they sure ask us a lot of medical ones. I wonder why that is. Meeting a personal injury lawyer is a bit like going to the doctor. You [...]

How to Present Your Case2019-03-04T19:47:31-04:00

Following the Rules

You’ve suffered personal injuries and have hired a qualified personal injury lawyer. Is your job done? No. It’s just beginning. Here are some rules to help you protect your own interests as we work together to pursue [...]

Following the Rules2013-08-19T12:19:11-04:00

Turning Back the Clock

On November 2 at 2:00 a.m. we turn back our clocks. Benjamin Franklin suggested Daylight Saving Time as a way to save on candles. Since then many studies have confirmed its usefulness as a way to save energy. It also [...]

Turning Back the Clock2013-08-19T12:19:29-04:00

A Door Closed, A Window Opened

It started as an automobile accident. Mr. Gourdine’s car was rear ended by Ms. Crews' car on the highway at midday. He careened off the roadway and crashed into a tractor trailer, suffering fatal head injuries. Investigation [...]

A Door Closed, A Window Opened2014-08-13T13:57:01-04:00

Personal Injuries Quiz: What’s Recoverable?

Let’s talk about what’s recoverable and what’s not. You’ve been injured, perhaps by a defective drug, a drunk driver, or a dangerous condition. You’ve been off work for 30 days, but your employer offers liberal benefits and has [...]

Personal Injuries Quiz: What’s Recoverable?2011-11-12T05:39:53-04:00

What Happens to Claims in Uncertain Financial Times

Our clients may wonder: in light of our nation’s evolving financial crisis, will the insurance companies still have money to pay personal injury claims? In short, the answer is yes. Individuals seeking compensation for personal injuries need to know [...]

What Happens to Claims in Uncertain Financial Times2013-08-19T12:20:33-04:00

Contributory Negligence: The Un-Lottery of Personal Injury

Here’s a real case: J.D., a woman in a motorized wheelchair, tried to cross Cold Spring Lane at the eastern side of its intersection with Loch Raven Boulevard, in Baltimore City. It was dusk. She was within [...]

Contributory Negligence: The Un-Lottery of Personal Injury2019-06-27T13:47:25-04:00

From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves

Recently we have added a new article to our Car Insurance section on our website, entitled 'From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves'. 'From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves' is a book written about Allstate, revealing their efforts to reduce [...]

From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves2014-08-11T18:26:52-04:00

Car Insurance Are You Protected?

Something we see far too much of is innocent victims getting injured in an auto accident and not being properly insured. A common misconception is that simply having auto insurance totally protects you, unfortunately that is not [...]

Car Insurance Are You Protected?2011-10-05T05:13:19-04:00

Wrong Advice

There is a lot of misleading information on the Internet, we see it everyday and it's certainly nothing new. Sometimes we may read something that is just slightly wrong or misleading, sometimes there is little or no [...]

Wrong Advice2011-08-13T05:07:00-04:00
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